Team Nobuyoshi

We're French developers having some fun !

Who are we ?


17 (soon 18) yo trans girl,
I'm a macos and arch linux user and
I usually do a little trolling...


Nobuyoshi websites developer
General hostings and tickets manager
Proud member of this team


French-Swiss, 17 Years Old
I am interested in Hardware, Emulators and Cybersecurity
Nobuyoshi Community Manager

M3ggy-NX 🇨🇦#1891

16 yo,
I like hacking my devices and i like doing hackintoshes and help guys to do their ones



15 years old
Passionate about computer programming
JavaScript and Python developer.

Our projects

Nobuyoshi News x SigHya (FRENCH ONLY)

Our news site, on this site you can mainly read articles about hacks of different consoles (homebrews, custom firmwares [CFW], etc...), various computer topics, Windows 10 & 11 updates, and other articles just as interesting !
For this project, we have a partnership that is very important to us with SigHya.

Nobuyoshi Hostings

Our hostings site, for now you can buy a website hosting from 1€/months to 4€/months. (3 different offers)

Nobuyoshi Forum

Our future private forum, will be accessible with invite codes, not finished yet.

Join us today !